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J. Anthony Cavell

* Professional Land Surveyor

* Certified Federal Surveyor

* NSPS & ACSM Fellow

* J. Anthony Cavell on ResearchGate

The Surveyor

J. Anthony Cavell, PLS, CFedS (Tony) has been involved in Land Surveying or related fields since 1977. His diverse experience gives him an ability to draw on elements not obvious to clients or other professionals with the more usual specialized focus. Boundary Retracement and Resolution and Topographic/Elevation/Hydrographic Mapping to Satellite and LiDAR application and analysis have all been part and parcel of his background.

He is a LAPELS Certified Provider for Professional Development and presents regularly, including to Surveyors, Attorneys, other professionals and the general public. He has been invited to speak to Surveying students, has participated onthe Nicholls State Geomatics curriculum advisory committee, served as Associate Director at the Louisiana State Unversity Center for Geoinfomatics. He contributes to the American Surveyor magazine and has published research results. He is a former President of Louisiana Society of Professional Surveyors and currently serves as NSPS Governor for Louisiana and Secretary of the NSPS Board of Governors.

Mr. Cavell has provided Expert Witness services and consultation to Attorneys, Engineers, Government Agencies, fellow Surveyors and others. He can assist with necessary research and analysis of Title, Historical, Boundary and Technical aspects of a problem. The consultation he provides can provide the confidence needed to make informed, responsible decisions.

"The GPSman" has been licensed professionally over 2 decades, has a decade of business experience as Vice President and CEO of a premier sales and service company and 5 years as Associate Director of an university research center. He can utilize his years of experience and expertise to meet your needs. He stays abreast of current events contributing through active involvement in professional associations. His participation will help assure proper analysis to enhance the likely good outcome of your project and to protect your rights, interests and property.

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J. Anthony Cavell, PLS, CFedS 11646 Rue Concord Baton Rouge, LA 70810 (225) 802-5677 Send inquiry:

"Do not move an ancient boundary stone or encroach on the fields of the fatherless," Proverbs 23:10

Writing & Opinion

Tony enjoys discussion and debate, seeing it as a most important of human activities. One who enjoys and participates must try to stay abreast of many things and tony accepts that challenge. Aside from seminars and lectures, the advent of the Personal Computer opened many new venues. Early on there were dial-up Bulletin Boards. Then the Internet blossomed leading to what are now called social media such as The Palace developed and led to the likes of Second Life. The BBS morphed into online forums and ideas such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Fliker, MySpace and of course Twitter.

As an early adopter of several of the first programs Tony is aware of many of the benefits and possibilities these programs offer. He said, "With some, jumping in with both feet was great fun with some, but many of the newer ideas seem laden with liabilities. I don't enjoy forfitting so much privacy and security with many of the newer ones; and holding thoughts to 140 characters means 'It take a twit to tweet.' But with so many falling into its spell I suppose anyone business minded will have to acquesce in some way in the end. Such is the power of numbers."

Presently, he maintains a web presence through owns the domain.

Family & Hobbies

Tony belongs to a large family that tends to keep in touch making it feel even larger. An interest in history and curiosity has made family history and genealogy favorite interests. He included reading, writing, cooking, gardening, fishing and outdoor activities among his interests or hobbies.