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J. Anthony Cavell

* Professional Land Surveyor * Certified Federal Surveyor * NSPS & ACSM Fellow *

NSPS Governor, Louisiana

The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) strives to establish and further common interests, objectives, and political effort that would help bind the surveying profession into a unified body in the United States.

NSPS provides the platform by which members can share their thoughts and opinions about our common interests through business meetings /committees, regional groups, and student chapters. It also provides a forum for input from other groups such as the National Association of County Surveyors, members of state boards of registration, and the Forum for State Surveying Society Executives. Membership is open to all professional surveyors and to persons trained, registered, or interested in the profession of surveying and mapping.

Tony has served Louisiana (LSPS) as NSPS Governor since 2006 and served two terms as Secretary to the NSPS Board of Governros. He champions the profession he loves and strives to support the myriad programs of the NSPS. Annually, in the fall, the group visits visits the members of both houses of Congress to apprise them of problems that deserve their attention as well as to remind them of the valuable resources available through NSPS. NSPS also sponsors many educational scholarships, emergancy out-reach projects and supports local surveyors and communities when faced with dogged problems.

The NSPS website is: NSPS/ACSM

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"As for my own business, even that kind of surveying which I could do with most satisfaction my employers do not want. They would prefer that I should do my work coarsely and not too well, ay, not well enough. When I observe that there are different ways of surveying, my employer commonly asks which will give him the most land, not which is most correct." Henry David Thoreau