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J. Anthony Cavell

* Professional Land Surveyor * Certified Federal Surveyor * NSPS & ACSM Fellow *

Professional Services


ALTA/ACSM Land Title Boundary Retracement Land Records Research Residential Right of Way Mapping Subdivision


As-Built Commercial Construction Staking, etc. Flood Elevation Certificate Recreation/Park/Golf Course


Periodical Articles Popular Audience Seminars Professional Development Seminars Surveying/Positioning Training


Accident Expert Witness Litigation


Aerial Control Cell Tower GPS/GNSS Horizontal Control Photogrammetric Control Veertical Control


G.I.S. Horizontal/Vertical Delineation Hydrographic

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"Describing surveying reminds me of the fable about the blind men describing an elephant. They each give a description with certainty yet each fails to satisfactorily describe the whole animal. So it is with surveying. Each class of client asserts his myopic description of the practice is absolute, and each missses the mark by a wide margin." Tony Cavell